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Turning Your Inspiration
into a Sweet Creation!

About Master Pieces Cake Art

MasterPieces Cake Art specializes in bringing your ideas to life in the form of delicious, homemade cakes. Owner, Dan Liberatore, who lives in Stoddard NH, began creating cakes and specialty desserts almost 30 years ago!

In addition to wonderful cakes, MasterPieces also offers a variety of desserts to accent your celebrations, business meetings, events or other gatherings.                              Read More >>>

Wedding Cakes - Birthday Cakes - Dessert   Wedding Cakes - Birthday Cakes - Dessert   Wedding Cakes - Birthday Cakes - Dessert   Stoddard, NH  03464     603.446.3838



Wedding Cakes - Birthday Cakes - Dessert

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business meetings

Vanilla, Chocolate, White, Marble, Almond
Specialty Cakes
Pound Cake in Lemon, Buttery Vanilla, Almond
Italian Cream
Dr Pepper Chocolate
Lemon Daffodil
Chocolate Raspberry
Black Forest
Strawberry Whipped Cream

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New Hampshire  
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Wedding Cakes - Birthday Cakes - Dessert

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